Annual General Meeting

We held our 2018 Annual General Meeting in the auditorium of the Ongwanada Resource Centre on the afternoon of Sunday October 14, immediately after a roundtable debriefing meeting for Liberal members and supporters.

Distinguished participants included MP Mark Gerretsen and former MPPs Sophie Kiwala and John Gerretsen.

The agenda included:

  • President’s report;
  • Treasurer’s report;
  • Constitutional changes; and
  • Election of officers

The Executive positions filled at this meeting included:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Communications Director
  • Director at Large
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Membership Director
  • Outreach Director
  • Policy Director

We are looking for additional volunteers to fill the remaining positions:

  • Events Director
  • Fundraising Director
  • Volunteer Director
  • Youth Director

If you would like to get involved politically but are not sure that you are ready to take on one of the above Executive positions, we will also be looking to appoint deputies for many of the above positions and/or build a team of people to take on various roles related to those functions.  For more information on any of the positions or how you could best contribute, please contact

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  1. Peter Butler
    October 5, 2018

    Political parties have developed a practice of attaching a long list of items to their election platform. The Federal Liberals did it in their last election, over 100 items on their list. That was nuts. I do not believe that is what got them elected. The population just wanted change. Their main items were lost in the noise.

    We should have a platform that lists about 3 main items plus the principal of good, sound management. That says FOCUS. If you want to see more, see our “red book”. It defines where we sit on the political spectrum but know we will only push them when we have the time and the funds. People can’t keep more than about 3 items in their mind before the whole thing becomes fog.


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