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We invite you to peruse the following compendium of articles of interest to Liberals and other progressive-minded Ontarians. The authors’ informed opinions and analyses complement some of the material posted on this website. Moving your cursor over each title will show pop-up extracts and/or descriptions, and clicking on the titles will take you to the corresponding articles. More articles will be posted as and when they become available.

May 8, 2019 Be Nice to Mother Nature, or we’re dead Globe and Mail editorial[environment]

Apr 16, 2019 Doug Ford can oppose the carbon tax. He can’t force gas stations to join him Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Apr 2, 2019 Remember when the Liberal carbon tax was a conservative idea? Globe and Mail Editorial [carbon pricing]

Feb 2, 2019 Doug Ford ran on painless cuts. He won’t be able to deliver Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Jan 22, 2019 Doug Ford is blowing smoke by warning about a recession The Star editorial [Ford agenda]

Jan 22, 2019 The Top Ten Reasons — no, 115 — Doug Ford is our best premier ever! by Martin Regg Cohn in Le Journal Canadien [Ford agenda-satire]

Jan 9, 2019 The secret moves to increase private health care by Bob Hepburn in The Star [Ford agenda]

Jan 9, 2019 How Missouri’s minimum wage rates will trump Ontario’s wages of sin by Martin Regg Cohn in The Star [Ford agenda]

Dec 22, 2018 For Doug Ford, it’s promises made, promises broken by The Star Editorial Board [Ford agenda]

Dec 21, 2018 The Winners and Losers of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Spending Cuts So Far by Samantha Beattie in The Huffington Post [Ford agenda]

Dec 12, 2018 With Doug Ford, Ontario is open for (monkey) business Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Nov 26, 2018 Franco-Ontarians deserve more than this nonsense by Thomas McMorrow in the Toronto Star [Ford agenda]

Nov 16, 2018 Meet Dean French, the political unknown who has become an omnipresent force in Ford’s government by Adam Radwanski in The Globe and Mail [Ford agenda]

Nov 2, 2018  Open letter re Bill 47 to MPP Randy Hillier by Peter Burpee [wages and working conditions]

Oct 27, 2018 Why Canada is right to put a price on carbon Globe and Main editorial [climate change]

Oct 24, 2018 Ontario is open for business, but on the back of vulnerable workers”  Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Oct 20, 2018 Statscan may be dull, but it’s a vital institution by Dan Gardner in The Globe and Mail [truth in politics]

Oct 20, 2018 America’s ongoing civil war by Jeffrey Sachs in The Globe and Main [tribal politics]

Sep 25, 2018 A Casablanca Moment for the Ontario Premier by Richard Tindal on his blog [Ford agenda]

Sep 13, 2018 Doug Ford and the threat to democratic norms in Canada Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Aug 13, 2018 By rejecting facts, Ford government introduces ‘Trumpian tactics’ to Ontario by Marieke Walsh in iPolitics [populism]

Aug 1, 2018 Cancellation of Ontario’s basic-income project is callous and wasteful Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Jul 27, 2018 Doug Ford’s swipe at Toronto is undemocratic and should be stopped Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Jul 13, 2018 From Pokemon to the Six Million Dollar Man by Richard Tindal on his blog [Ontario Hydro]

Jul 10, 2018 Doug Ford’s troubling first week as Ontario premier – Globe and Mail editorial [Ford agenda]

Jul 8, 2018 Budget cuts: Ontario unveils DIY school repair program for students by Alex Huntley in The Beaverton [political satire]

May 8, 2018 Doug Ford’s billion-dollar claim is not only untrue, it’s complete nonsense by Edward Keenan in The Star [Ford promises]

May 3, 2018 Wynne is right: Ford is our Trump by Marcus Gee in The Globe and Mail 2018-05-03 [Ford agenda]

Apr 29, 2018 Ontario is not immune to political populism by Frank Graves and Michael Valpy in The Globe And Mail [populism]

Mar 6, 2018 What is populism, and what does the term actually mean? by David Molloy in BBC News [populist politicians]

Jan 13, 2018 This lone-wolf operative is shaping Ontario’s political discourse by Adam Radwanski in The Globe and Mail [Conservative social media propaganda]

Dec 8, 2017 A day at Queen’s Park by Steph Crosier in The Kingston Whig-Standard [MPP Kiwala in the Ontario Legislature]

Oct 2, 2017 What minimum-wage critics don’t want you to know by Jim Stanford in The Globe and Mail [economic impacts of minimum wage hike]

Nov 21, 2016 How do we fight the loudmouth politics of authoritarian populism? by Paul Mason in The Guardian [authoritarian populism]

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