A political party is by definition an association of members who share certain political, social and economic principles and objectives, and who strive to elect candidates to public office for the purpose of advancing those principles and objectives.  Given that the major decisions which will affect our future life prospects and those of our children and grandchildren are made by the parties who have won the most recent federal and provincial elections, joining the party of our choice is the surest route to having a voice in those decisions.

While you don’t need official membership to volunteer with, donate to or otherwise support the Liberal cause in Kingston, it’s quite inexpensive and makes you one of those who will choose our next Liberal candidate and our next Ontario Liberal Party leader.  Membership also confers voting rights at our Annual General Meeting where we elect directors and other officers for our Executive Committee.

The annual cost of membership is $5 for youth and seniors, and $10 for regular members.  The quickest and easiest way to take out or renew membership is online at

Membership in the Ontario Liberal Party automatically conveys membership in the riding association for your community of residence (Kingston and the Islands if you live within our electoral boundaries).  If you would prefer to pay for your membership by cash or cheque, please contact our Membership Director at

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