Welcome to our Kingston & the Islands Liberal community

The purpose of this site is to provide information on current and upcoming events and activities of interest to our local Liberal community and to facilitate political engagement by all those who share liberal values.  We also intend to make use of this site to express Liberal views and to stimulate discussion both on current issues and what we in Kingston can do to help rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party.

From a Kingston perspective, the disappointing results of the June provincial election are arguably contrary to the best interests of our community and many of our fellow citizens.  Kingston’s economy is heavily dependent on public-sector employment, and early actions by Premier Ford confirm the fears expressed prior to the election that a majority Ford government would seriously undermine that sector.  In its new role as the Official Opposition, the NDP can make all the noise it wants as to how it will relentlessly oppose the government and defend public-sector jobs.  The sad reality, however, is that the NDP will be eminently ignorable by the Ford team and essentially powerless to stop them.  Sophie Kiwala was an experienced, highly energetic and thoughtful MPP with an enviable track record for getting important projects approved as well as for resolving difficult constituent problems by working constructively with government officials and elected representatives from all parties.  By replacing her with an inexperienced NDP MPP, Kingston has forfeited the voice that would have been best equipped to protect our community and its people to the maximum extent possible.

From a Liberal perspective, our role will be two-fold.  We should contribute to a renewed Ontario Liberal Party that is truly responsive to its members and regains the public’s trust through policies and a fiscal plan that appeals and makes sense to the broad majority of Ontario voters who are neither far-right nor far-left.  Locally, we need to visibly reach out to and engage with our broader community to ensure that Kingston concerns and ideas are well-reflected in that renewed policy platform.  We must build up our membership, reach out to supporters, recruit and train a new generation of volunteers, improve our organizational capacity and, most critically, start today to steadily build up the financial reserves necessary to run a fully-funded campaign in 2022.

We hope that you will choose to be part of that journey.





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