Welcome to our Kingston & the Islands Provincial Liberal community

The purpose of this site is to provide information on current and upcoming events and activities of interest to our local Liberal community and to facilitate political engagement by all those who share liberal values.  We also use this site to express Liberal views and to stimulate discussion both on current issues and what we in Kingston can do to help rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party.

As a riding association, one of our most important tasks is to lay the groundwork for Kingston to continue enjoying the benefits of having an energetic and principled Liberal MPP effectively representing the best interests and shared values of our community and its people at Queen’s Park.

We are proud to have our former federal Liberal MP, Ted Hsu, once again representing us at Queen’s Park. We were fortunate to have had such a successful and motivated campaign in June 2022. We look forward to helping him represent the progressive and diverse values of Kingston and the Islands.

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